Joe Fisher's mother had just seen her son, an amateur fighter, get knocked out in an MMA bout, and she wasn't going to let a nine-foot wall stop her from tending to her boy.

So Fisher's mom, according to a report Bluegrass MMA, scaled the wall of the Octagon and rushed to her boy. Fisher had just been defeated by Caleb Frasher on a rear-naked choke.

As you can see in the video below, the woman has some harsh words for medical officials before she is escorted out of the cage by police.

Frasher's knockout of Fisher comes at about the 1:43 mark. Unfortunately the video does not show her scaling the wall, but Fisher's mother enters the frame at around 2:04.

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She had been escorted away by this point, but Fisher's mother would surely be happy to see that her son eventually stood up under his own power and shook hands with Frasher.