We've seen fans this year at Spring Training embarrass themselves by going overboard in an attempt to snag a baseball, and at least this guy doesn't appear to have harmed any children in the process.

But a man at a Kansas City Royals-Texas Rangers game actually bulldozed a young girl while he pursued a baseball.

The incident in question came during the bottom of the seventh inning, when Kansas City's Billy Butler drove a ball to deep center field. A man came running over from beyond left field to try and snag the ball, but his pursuit was interrupted by a young girl who was also trying to snag the home run. The two collided in what must've been a pretty painful moment for this poor girl.

And the embarrassing twist to this situation? The ball didn't even make it over the fence.

A YouTube user named Allan Mount has uploaded the below video, and it appears that he may be the fan who trucks the little girl. In the description he writes, "I got a little overzealous running after a Home Run ball that didn't actually clear the fence."