Dick Vitale had a really long weekend.

After another grueling year of traveling across the country and calling college basketball games, the seemingly tireless 74-year-old was in Greensboro, N.C., for the ACC Tournament. A few hours after Virginia beat Duke in the championship game, Vitale was on TV discussing the NCAA Tournament bracket.

In his mix of extreme excitement over the upcoming tournament and perhaps weariness after a long weekend, the always colorful Vitale told a rather interesting story about Virginia coach Tony Bennett and the famous singer of the same name.

The name is not terribly common, so Vitale relayed a tale about how the Virginia coach asked the singer whether he had ever met anyone who had the same name. The crooner, known for hits like "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," said he had met another similarly named individual. But this woman spelled her first name Toni, and she was a stripper.

After hearing the story, studio host Rece Davis at first demurred and then returned with a one-liner.

“In an effort to make sure I save my career, I will refrain from comment,” Davis said. “And of course Dick Vitale would know all three Tony Bennetts, now wouldn’t he?”

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(H/T to The Washington Post)