Brent Musburger has done it again.

A little more than one year after he awkwardly ogled Katherine Webb in a quick outburst that led ESPN to issue an apology, the 74-year-old ESPN announcer generated a new buzz after making similar comments while calling a college basketball game.

The remarks in question appear to come during Iowa State's Big 12 tournament victory over Kansas. As a group of three women wearing Iowa State gear pose for a selfie, Musburger can't help but comment.

"I am pleased with this selection," Musburger says. "Oh, yeah."

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Remind you of anything?

Musburger's comments about Webb (below) skyrocketed her to stardom and landed her in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. Will the same thing happen to these women?

As it turns out, this incident may have more in common with last year's than Musburger's commentary. Lost Letterman is reporting that the woman in the center of this photo is the girlfriend of Iowa State point guard DeAndre Kane.