When they're at their best, Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas can make a shot from just about anywhere on the court.

And apparently that range extends beyond full size courts and regulation baskets.

The two men, who were both raised in Los Angeles and played together on the Washington Wizards, engaged in a competitive game of horse on a Fisher-Price basket recently and the results were extraordinary.

Young, who sometimes goes by the nickname "Swaggy P," documented the game on Instagram. (Note: The videos contain explicit language.)

On his first attempt, Arenas made this long attempt.

Young matched Arenas' shot on his third attempt:

Arenas made the shot again, and Young's rebuttal would likely call for an official review. Check it out:

Unfortunately things aren't going this well for Arenas or Young in their professional careers. The 32-year-old Arenas hasn't played in an NBA game since 2012 while Young has missed time recently as he recovers from a knee fracture.