It seems one young basketball player has figured out the key to getting by Dwight Howard, the Houston Rockets' center and three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

The only catch? You can't be taller than four feet to pull off this move.

During pregame warmups in Sacramento, Howard entertained a youngster in front of dozens of fans who had arrived early. One man sitting high up in Sleep Train Arena happened to be filming the action, and the clip below starts with Howard putting a move on the young boy and scoring. The young boy then airballs a shot and has his shot blocked by Howard (who appears to get some satisfaction out of swatting people who are half his size).

Undeterred, the young boy gets the ball back and dribbles right through Howard's legs. And the best part? He makes the shot.

Here's the clip, which has gained nearly 100,000 YouTube views in about one day.

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