A New York woman has become somewhat of an Internet sensation after her interview with a local news station has gone viral.

The woman, named Chelsea, was in Portland visiting her boyfriend when the two decided to brave the snow and cold for a run. Their courage earned them an interview with a news channel, where they discussed the virtues of running in the poor conditions. Jogging in the snow, Chelsea said, "was the perfect texture for running, very low impact and it's dry snow so your feet don't get wet."

Moments later, after the interview ended but with the camera rolling, Chelsea slipped and fell on a track of ice.

Here's the video of the interview, which has gained a quarter of a million YouTube views already.

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In the aftermath of the story, Chelsea has been quite a good sport. She gave an interview to Deadspin in which she said her neck was a little sore after the fall but "the ridiculous, awesome irony of the situation cushioned the blow pretty well."