It's been a long week for Wes Welker.

First he was videobombed at a New York Knicks game, then he gave this extremely awkward interview, which must be one of the most uncomfortable of the entire week.

Welker appears to be almost done with his media obligations when he is given a microphone to speak with Michael Landsberg of TSN, which is Canada's version of ESPN.

Welker starts the interview by warning Landsberg that he only has two minutes left, so you can tell he's not a happy camper.

Landsberg asks some silly questions ("Do I smell Old Spice?" "Have you ever taken a 40-minute shower?"), but Welker isn't having any of it. His answers are curt and uncomfortable. To top things off, Welker leaves the table as Landsberg is asking his final question.

Here's the entire interview if you can bear to sit through it:

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In Landsberg's credit, he didn't seem too hung up on the interview afterwards: