The NFL keeps trotting out different musical acts for the Super Bowl halftime show, but with such a wide and diverse audience, it is tough to satisfy all the fans.

So maybe the league can steal from USA Rugby's playbook. If there is a schtick with near universal appeal, it's two mascots "conspiring" to ambush an "unsuspecting" fan with a crushing tackle.

This happened over the weekend at the 2014 USA Sevens in Las Vegas during halftime of the match between Spain and the U.S. The premise was seemingly a foot race between one of the mascots, Mr. Rugbee (this name will make more sense once you see the uniform), and a volunteer playing the role of Spanish fan.

The fan easily surges ahead what with Mr. Rugbee being handicapped by the bulkiness of his mascot costume. The fan begins to gloat and showboat about being in the lead. That's when the plot swerves.

The other mascot, Rookie the Eagle, crashes the party and crushes the fan with what might been the tournament's best tackle. If nothing else, it will be the most memorable as the video picked up 25,000 YouTube views in its first day after being uploaded.

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