If you thought Tim Tebow's near-perfect prediction of the BCS national championship game score was impressive, wait until you see a prophecy Trent Dilfer made way back in 2011.

At that year's Elite 11 quarterback camp, the ESPN analyst and Super Bowl champ sat Jameis Winston down and spoke extremely highly of the Hueytown, Alabama, native. Dilfer also stressed how important Winston's decision-making would be, because at some point defenses would figure out how to contain his unbelievable athleticism and he would have to rely on his mind.

Dilfer gets specific at the 1:04 mark of the below clip:

"It's going to come down to third and 7 in the fourth quarter, down by 4, and they're going to keep you in the pocket. They're not going to let you be fast and quick and all that. And that's going to be a mistake because you’re going to beat 'em here (points to his head)."

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Well, what do you know?

In the fourth quarter of Monday's BCS national championship game between Winston's Florida State Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers, Winston drove his team to the red zone, down by four points. He was faced with a third and 8 (so close!) when he dropped back and delivered a perfect pass to the end zone. An Auburn defender was called for pass interference, and Florida State scored the game-winning touchdown on the next play.

The play occurs at the 2:55 mark of this video

Not spot on, sure, but a pretty darn close prediction by Dilfer.

So, Trent, got any lottery numbers for us?

(H/T to Extra Mustard)