A heartwarming new video of a man surprising his mom with tickets to the Super Bowl has quickly gone viral.

A YouTube user named Mike Harris posted this clip of his mom (a diehard Seahawks fan) opening a package containing several tickets to the big game just outside New York.

"What? No way! We can't do this," Harris' mom says, before she starts breaking down.

In the description on the YouTube page, Harris says he initially thought tickets would be too expensive, but after seeing a headline about the falling prices of seats, he looked online and found them $1,000 cheaper than a week earlier. He bought three, one for his mom, himself and his best friend since kindergarten.

Harris writes that his mom has been a fan for 35 years and even attended the team's sendoff in Seattle with no idea that she'd be joining them at MetLife Stadium.

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The only disappointment is that their two dogs won't be able to join them at the game. They seemed so eager to share the special moment with Harris' mom, which is totally adorable.

The clip has received tens of thousands of views in less than 24 hours.

To read more about this story, check out Harris' description on the video's YouTube page.