Steph Curry can hit a shot from anywhere on the court.

Actually, he can hit from just about anywhere in the arena.

In a stunt that seems like it's out of an old McDonald's commercial, Curry has become extremely skilled at hitting a shot from behind the Warriors' bench.

Here's one of his more recent attempts:

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Here's one from the 2013 playoffs:

The Warriors' 25-year-old All-Star guard has attempted, and made, more three-pointers this year than any other player in the league. His average 8.4 attempts-per-game is the highest of his career and a large reason why he is averaging 24 points-per-game, another career best.

In an ESPN The Magazine profile of Curry, Chris Palmer wrote that Curry's pregame shooting normally consists of around 100 three-pointers and then a final attempt from beyond the bench (about 40 feet from the rim).

Here are a few more videos of Curry hitting the shot and making it look easy: