You never know exactly how you'd react to something until you witness it, but we have a hard time believing we'd react to a man falling through the ceiling the same way "Billy" does in this trending video.

The origins of this clip, which was posted on YouTube on Jan. 12, are unclear. But the "when" and "where" aspects of this story can be cast aside briefly in order to enjoy this bizarre video.

As you can see, the clip takes place in a golf shop. About 22 seconds into the video a man appears to come crashing through the roof.

“Hey, Ron,” says one voice, in an extremely casual manner.

“Hey, Billy,” another man says, also nonchalantly. “That hurt.”

The dialogue continues in this manner, as Ron tells Billy not to move as he calls for help. Billy says he's OK, but Ron cautions him again not to get up. Another man walks into the room, but like Ron and Billy, he is in no hurry.

The entire scene seems like a Saturday Night Live skit or perhaps a Jimmy Kimmel prank but, as far as we can tell, it's not.

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(H/T to Deadspin)