Ask science teachers, and they'll tell you: You can always apply physics in every-day life. Perhaps this is an unorthodox example, but check out the handball goal scored by Mikkel Hansen of Denmark in a match against Austria.

Speed, friction, torque, trajectory -- they're all in play here as Hansen turns what appears to be no shooting angle at all into a creative goal.

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It helped Denmark defeat Austria 33-29 in the European Handball Championships, and maybe just as important for a sport that doesn't get a ton of exposure in the U.S. during non-Olympic years, it's a nice dose of publicity.

It has been nearly a year since we noted a goalie scoring when his kick save ricocheted all the way to the other goal.

We're inclined to say Hansen's goal is the more impressive because he was trying to score and improvised while the goalie was reacting to the ball.