It will be a long time before we see another ending to a college football game quite like Auburn's stunning upset of Alabama on Saturday.

Not only were two top five teams facing off with a berth in the SEC Championship game, and possibly the BCS title game, on the line, but these two teams are bitter rivals.

The manner in which the game ended -- Alabama kicker Adam Griffith missed a game-winning field goal and Auburn's Chris Davis Jr. ran the ball back for a touchdown -- resulted in jubilation and sorrow in both Alabama and Auburn fans in a matter of seconds.

Luckily, some fans recorded their watch parties and uploaded those videos online. We've scoured YouTube for the best of the best.

Here's a video of one Auburn fan watching with a group of Alabama fans. It stars with the Alabama fans screaming excitedly and ends with what sounds like the Auburn fan jumping in the pool:

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Another group mixed with Auburn and Alabama fans was watching at Mamma Goldberg's, a restaurant in Auburn. This was a pretty memorable moment for all the Auburn fans here except the one who fell over right as Davis was in the midst of his return.

Like the Auburn fan in the first video, this young man's excitement led him to run out of the house and remove his clothing.

This guy didn't end up removing his clothing, but his voice did jump about 15 octaves as he yelled at his television.

For Alabama fans, the moment when their team's season crumbled at the hands of their archrival was as painful as you'd expect.

You've got to feel for the poor dog in this video:

If you can't get enough of these videos, some shrewd YouTubers have compiled them into one video. This is a nine-minute long roller coaster of emotion.

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