A 25-year-old woman's uncanny lip-sync re-enactment of Auburn announcer Rod Bramblett's Iron Bowl call is likely better than Bramblett himself could do.

Kaitlyn Reed, a Texas native who watched Auburn's stunning upset of Alabama at a bar, heard Bramblett's call after a friend posted it on Facebook. Reed says she has no connection to Auburn but was moved by Bramblett's historic call.

"It was the excitement in his voice," Reed, who runs Kaitlyn Reed Photograhy, told AL.com. "It was hard not to get excited. ... The audio just got you so excited without actually having to watch it."

After running through the audio 10 times, Reed recorded her video. She posted the video on Facebook and, at the urging of her friends, to YouTube. It gained some traction, which led to a story on AL.com. In just a few days the video has more than 20,000 hits.

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