The only thing more surefire these days than an Alabama Crimson Tide victory is a shot of Katherine Webb in the crowd.

Assuming she's at the game, A.J. McCarron's model girlfriend will almost certainly get some camera time. You may remember seeing Webb on television during Alabama's matchup against Notre Dame at the 2013 BCS National Championship game in Miami. ESPN's Brent Musburger's ogling over Webb created quite a stir after the game.

On Saturday, Alabama played in another nationally televised game and, sure enough, cameras showed Webb standing next to McCarron's mother, Dee Dee Bonner. CBS announcer Verne Lundquist noted that Webb and Bonner were in attendance, but he didn't go any further.

Lundquist's broadcaster partner, Gary Danielson, needled Lundquist for not saying anything else.

"I don't work for that four-letter network," Lundquist said. "Discretion.”

Lundquist certainly isn't the first person to question Musburger's choice of words, but you've got to love the veiled barb here. Musburger may never live down those 20 seconds.