Harlem Globetrotters' rookie Thunder Law celebrated Guinness World Record Day the right way -- by obliterating an old one and setting a new one. Heaving the ball from behind the floor seats at U.S. Airways Arena in Phoenix, the 23-year-old Law not only broke the record for the world's longest basketball shot, he shattered it, setting the new mark at 109 feet 9 inches.

The previous record, set by Pepperdine University player Elan Buller in 2011, was 104 feet 7 inches.

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In addition to Law, two other teammates tried the shot. But Law was the only one who came out of it with his name in the record books -- which, when looking at the video above (see the shot from many different angles at many different speeds), and watching the Guinness World Record judge measure (and measure, and measure, and measure) all the way back to 109 feet, it seems insane that any of them even came close, let alone succeeded.

After receiving his handy new certificate, Law proclaimed very simply and accurately: "I can't believe I broke a record on Guinness World Record Day! A shot, 109 feet, 9 inches. Awesome."

Law, whose real first name is Corey, is 6-3, and played college basketball at High Point in North Carolina.

This was the second time that Globetrotters have hit the headlines in recent days. William "Bull" Bullard had a much more dangerous encounter with the basket during a game in Honduras last Friday. While dunking, Bullard put his feet up on the backboard, when suddenly the basket crashed down on top of him.

The glass shattered onto the court, team doctors ran out, and the crowd went silent as Bullard was down, but his injuries were limited to a gash on the head and a dislocated shoulder. After getting bandaged, he was able to come back out and wave to the crowd to let them know he was fine.