DeMarcus Cousins was understandably upset after airballing the potentially game-winning shot against the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday.

But what he did afterwards has many NBA players and observers shaking their heads.

As the players were walking off the court, Cousins went out of his way to make sure teammate Isaiah Thomas did not shake Chris Paul's hand. He literally grabbed Thomas by the uniform and pushed him away from Paul.

When asked about the incident later, Paul did not have good things to say about Cousins.

“He’s young, man,” Paul said. “He don’t know no better. He needs some guidance. It is what it is.”

Here's video of the move:

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Even for Cousins, who has ruffled more than a few feathers during his time in the NBA, this is a bad look. Cousins isn't the rambunctious rookie he once was. He's a fourth-year player who became the face of the franchise after signing an enormous extension in the offseason. He should know better than this.

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