Even Michael Jordan, the Hall of Fame basketball legend and sometimes beer pong player, would have trouble matching the shots of a pair of men in New Zealand whose beer pong trick shot video has gone viral this week.

Harry Wright and Jonny Fletcher, roommates from New Zealand, created this video for the "ESPN Trick Shot Your Way to the NBA" contest. In the compilation they are sinking shots from all heights and angles. They start in their apartment, where the degree of difficulty is only matched by the creativity. In one scene the guys make a shot in the microwave and then another one in the refrigerator.

They move on to dueling escalators and then some sort of multi-story building.

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As you can imagine, it took the guys quite some time to film this video. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours.

But their hard work has paid off. In just a couple of days the video has racked up more than 75,000 views.

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