It turns out Ohio State point guard Aaron Craft can do more than just play defense, distribute the ball and make girls swoon.

Craft, a senior and straight-A student, is also an expert at solving Rubik's Cubes. Before a recent Ohio State game, a fan gave Craft a Rubik's Cube and asked him to solve it. That may or may not be a first for collegiate or professional sports. Even with a game coming up and other people clamoring for his autograph, Craft took the time to solve the puzzle and then autograph it.

Here's the video proof.

In the video's description, the uploader writes that Craft had been working on the cube for about 10 seconds before he started filming. That would mean Craft finished in about 64 seconds. As it turns out, that's consistent with his previous performances (his personal record is about 66 seconds). Not bad for a star athlete.