A couple high school tuba players ended their weeks on a sour note Friday night when, in the middle of a performance, they came tumbling down in what can only be described as a six-tuba pileup.

A YouTube user named Wes Rowe uploaded this video over the weekend, and in just a few days its gained more than 100,000 views. Rowe writes:

An unnamed high school marching band playing their halftime show- has their entire tuba section fall like dominos backwards one at a time into a giant pile.
(nobody was hurt but two tubas did get damaged)

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This is probably a tuba player's worst nightmare, but all things considered, these high schoolers recovered well.

The video is also the subject of a thread on Reddit, and a man claiming to be the band's director even commented on the page to say that everyone was OK:

"I'm the band director of this band and a big redditor, since nobody got hurt and our band program is super legit I can safely say this is awesome. I'm glad this made it to reddit, go cavalier band!"