What's the only thing worse than wagering on your team, watching said team lose and having to, as they say, eat proverbial crow?

Eating beard.

Jason Pickar, a Washington Redskins fan and comedian, made a bet with his boss, a Philadelphia Eagles fan, on Monday night's season opener for the NFC East rivals.

And Pickar's beard tastes just as bad as you would imagine.

“It is really not very pleasant to eat one’s own beard," he says.

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"It tasted like a combination of pert plus conditioner and ‘oh [no] it’s caught in my throat," Pickar wrote to the Washington Post. "Alright that’s the last time I’m eating my beard. Hopefully. Though my boss’s boss is a Green Bay fan…we could bet.”

If you think this looks painful, at least Pickar didn't have to drink his own urine like this Texans fan.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)