Last year, a youth running back named Jayden Scott became an Internet sensation for a touchdown run in which he steamrolled multiple defenders. Now 9, Scott has a fresh clip that just hit YouTube, and this time he demonstrates the proper way to execute a stiffarm in the open field.

Scott takes the handoff and runs toward the left side. He then cuts back and breaks into the secondary. That's when he has the chance to lower the boom on a defensive player, and does he ever. He drops the poor soul face first into the grass and continues to motor down field.

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Given the insane arms race of college recruiting, it is tempting to suggest, only half kiddingly, that coaches like Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin will be knocking on Scott's door shortly. But maybe instead of waiting to hear which school does make contact with him and how soon it does, let's just hope we can get to see another highlight clip from Scott soon and simply enjoy the entertaining football he provides.