After a thrilling run to the World Series last year, the San Francisco Giants have struggled to recapture the magic.

But if it's any consolation to Giants fans (and it most likely isn't), the team does lead the majors in one unofficial statistic. That is the all-important "Foul Ball Catches By Fans Holding An Infant."

Earlier this year, one fan made a spectacular grab while also balancing a baby on his arm.

And then, during a recent game between the Giants and the Arizona Diamondbacks, another daring dad pulled off this spectacular feat.

Diamondbacks slugger Paul Goldschmidt fouled off an offering from pitcher Santiago Casilla that flew toward the upper deck at AT&T Park. A man holding a baby, presumably his daughter, reached over and snagged the ball with his bare hand. That's right, this guy was holding an infant and a lunchbox of some sort in his left hand and he still managed to catch the foul ball on the fly. Pretty impressive.

Notice how, while the fan draws cheers from everyone around him, his wife is more concerned with the safety of the couple's child. At least someone is thinking of the baby's safety.