Just when you think you've seen every marriage proposal imaginable, a video pops up of a guy proposing to his girlfriend while they're speeding through a lake on a wakesurf.


A man named Matthew Gencarella posted this video of himself proposing to a woman in one of the most creative ways we've ever seen. The couple is wakesurfing together when, all of a sudden, he gets down on one knee and asks for her hand in marriage.

Her reaction is wonderful, as is the final scene on the wakesurf when the couple is thrown, hand in hand, into the water.

In the YouTube description, Matthew writes: "As a man you have one opportunity to do the biggest surprise of your life, your proposal. This was my way of creating that once-in-a-lifetime, never-been-done, proposal and having some fun in the process...This is My Proposal! Brynn Hathaway I love you!!!"

The clip picked up more than 85,000 views in its first 24 hours.

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