The premise is simple but the ending is quite stunning.

A dude on a skateboard is buzzing around a park and does a small jump that wipes out a little kid who happens to be running in the same area.

The little boy goes down in a heap and starts crying. A woman, who isn't his mother, rushes to pick the kid up and comfort him.

A few seconds later, the kid's mom strolls into the picture, reveals that it is her son's birthday and then executes a two-handed shove to the chest of the skateboarder.

The skateboarder starts to object to the woman's aggressive tone. But she doesn't let him finish his sentence by getting, shall we say, even more aggressive.

Without knowing more than what the video shows, it's difficult to assign blame. Could the skateboarder have done a better job of paying attention to his surroundings? Maybe. But then it looked like the little kid was running so it's probably not fair to pin it all on the skater. Kids can be very unpredictable.

But it is also worth noting that the aggrieved mom is not the first adult to reach her son. And unlike the other woman, she doesn't exactly sprint to the scene.

According to the YouTube description, the clip originates from a skateboarding video called Warm Gravy.