Because it's not football season until a crazy (and totally annoying) fan runs onto the field mid-game, we bring you the first streaker of the 2013 NFL preseason: A fan in Cleveland at the Lions-Browns preseason game who took it all off before running onto the field, only to be tackled by a member of the security crew.

The tackle, from our quick view, looks like a clean hit.

Matthew Stafford told the Detroit Free Press that he saw the security staff practicing for the possibility of a streaker coming onto the field before the game.

"I was like, 'When is this ever going to happen?'" Stafford said. "And then it happened and I was like eating my own words.

"Before the game we were throwing routes on air and this one guy would run around like a streaker and they’d chase it down. They executed well, I guess."

The video below obviously contains a bit of nudity, though it's mostly blurred. Also, for the love of fandom kids, don't try this at home.