It wasn't quite Carly Rae Jespen bad, but Nelly had a kind of embarrassing first pitch at the Cardinals game on Tuesday night.

His justification? "I thought it was a pitch out," he said post-pitch. "A pitch out was called. [Cardinals third baseman David] Freese called a pitch out, what they didn't show was him giving me the fist outside and the guy didn't even raise out he left me out to dry."

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In an interview with ESPN's (now-defunct) Page Two a few years ago, Nelly talked about his baseball career in high school, where he claims he was pretty good.

"I won an MVP trophy with the St. Louis Amateur Baseball Association. I didn't even start," he said. "I was a sub on this team. This was like an All-Star game where we had athletes from different teams, different mixtures. We had like the only black team in the league, basically. We had four players go to the All-Star game. We were losing 5-1 in the seventh inning and the coach subbed us in, and we managed to come back and win. I wound up getting the MVP for that, so I was real happy."