You may remember hacky sack, the game you and your friends used to play to kill time.

Well, even though you (likes most of us) may have given up the game after several weeks, Derrick Fogle never did. In fact Fogle, who has been playing hacky sack for more than three decades is in The Footbag Hall of Fame. Yes, there is such a thing.

"There weren't any winners or losers, just an offbeat and inviting activity," Fogle has said of his hobby. "It was a really cool experience, and I wanted to get better so I could actually kick the bag in hacky circles. I bought one, and the rest is history. I was hooked."

Now Fogle stays in the spotlight through viral videos, like one he posted recently. Under the username "h4x354x0r" (computer speak for "hackey sacker"), Fogle uploaded a video that has nearly a quarter of a million views. It features him, shirtless, doing some extremely impressive tricks.

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This outfit is Fogle's typical hacky sack uniform. So to answer your question, yes, he normally performs without a shirt.

"I grew up in an era where it was common and accepted for men to go shirtless," Fogle says. "So, I go shirtless when I kick. I'm sorry if it puts some people off. It's primarily just a functionality thing."