Belgian racer Jimmy Andriaenssens was driving isolated from his competition when he almost lost his life.

As a fellow racer passed the 24-year-old on the right, the opposing Porsche rode over a drive shaft of a BMW M3 sitting on the track. The drive shaft popped up and crashed into Andriaenssens' windshield.

Although the drive shaft was moving toward Andriaenssens and cracked the glass, it did not go all the way through to the driver's seat. The driver continued the race despite the shattered windshield.

Ironically, one of Andrianenssens' drive shafts failed during the race. He finished the race on only one drive shaft.

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Nice touch by Andriaenssens to cover his eyes with the visor after the impact, but he might want to start doing that at the start of races now.