Azerbaijani wrestler Rasul Chunayev had two important victories in the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan, Russia this week.

He beat Islambek Albiev of Russia in the finals of the 66-kg (145.8 pound) weight class to take the gold medal, which by itself is quite impressive considering Albiev is an Olympic gold medalist. But to cap it, Chunayev unleashed some creative moves that give him the award for the greatest victory dance ever.

The timing of Chunayev's unique jig is helpful to the wrestling community at large because the video has started making the rounds, and the sport is waging a campaign to avoid being eliminated from the Olympics. A vote scheduled for September at a meeting of International Olympic Committee officials will determine whether wrestling stays or goes, starting with the 2020 Games.

Fun moments like the one Chunayev just provided can only help the cause by giving the sport positive media exposure.

The video begins with Chunayev's last seconds to the win over Albiev before he breaks out into a ballet-like victory dance. He then calmly shakes hands with the official ... and dances some more.

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