Now that his NBA On TNT broadcasting duties are done for the season, Shaq has more time to do things like ... take on a 2-year-old on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In the highly anticipated late night competition, "Trick Shot" Titus went up against the former All-Star in free throw shots (sort of). To make it more fair, Titus' basket was 3-feet high and he shot from only 6 feet away. With amazing accuracy and form he threw it over his head into the basket a whopping eight times in the 30-second time limit.

Shaq, displaying the same kind of free throw shooting that was his Achilles heel during his time in the league, made zero.

Ever the good sport, Shaq took off his dress shoe and gave it Titus as a prize. Perhaps it was because of the smell or the stench of Shaq's free-throw form, but the toddler seems completely uninterested in his new footwear.

While this can easily be dismissed as a stunt on Titus' part, we think we all can acknowledge that Frank Vogel's appearance on Late Night With David Letterman was an obvious indicator he would go into a successful NBA coaching career.