Because nothing says that Tim Tebow has returned like Jimmy Fallon donning his 1970s dancing boots, the late night host brought back his hysterical "Tebowie" character the day after the QB signed with New England.

Some sample lyrics of his song "Tebow Tebow" (to the tune of "Rebel Rebel"):

"Most famous backup in the world
We're not sure if you had sex with a girl
You barely play but that's all right
Your biggest fan is Jesus Christ
They sat you down and strung you along
But now's your chance to prove them wrong
Tebow Tebow released from the Jets
Tebow Tebow you're a Patriot
Tebow Tebow it's Tom Brady show
Will you play? I don't think so?"

Check it out below, but be warned that it's already stuck in our heads here.