Some people seek adventure in mountain biking. Others take yoga. James Kingston, on the other hand, climbs tall objects and hangs dangerously from the top of then.

Kingston, a 22-year-old daredevil, recently filmed himself scaling a 250-foot tall crane in Southampton, England. He strapped a GoPro camera to his head so viewers at home could go along for the climb.

And once Kingston gets to the top of the crane, he doesn't just sit and enjoy the view. He decides to hang dangerously over the edge, with one hand even. If Kingston, who was wearing no safety equipment, had slipped he would have unquestionably been killed.

"I wasn't scared," Kingston said in a Q&A posted this week on YouTube. "You can't afford to be scared when you're hanging by your fingertips. I did it for the adventure."

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Kingston has performed similar stunts around the world, and he has no plans on stopping.

"Life's too short to be sat around worrying about your future," he said. "You have no time to waste."