You know the cringe you get when watching your favorite baseball team faced with two outs and down by one in the last inning? And you kind of know realizing it's really going to stink for that guy who is about to make the last out?

Apparently that doesn't happen for Georgia Tech fans.

The Yellow Jackets were down by one against Florida State in the ACC tournament opener with two outs when Georgia Tech's A.J. Murray came up and tied it with a solo home run. Then, Mott Hyde came up, apparently not unnerved by the whole two-out thing, and sent another one out of the park for a Yellow Jackets' win.

Just like that.

"I'm sure that the greatest closer of all-time has given up a home run or two in a last inning situation and it's just baseball," said FSU coach Mike Martin. "You have to credit them because Robby Coles will get the ball if we're in that situation again in the next two games. We wouldn't be in the position that we're in without him."

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