It's only fitting that a new trick shot video by the group The Legendary Shots is released in May, a month known for big-time shots in the NBA.

But even Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James couldn't match what John Massey pulled off in this video. Filming at Historic Banning Mills, an adventure resort in Carroll County, Ga., Massey and his team attempted to sink a bucket after jumping off a 100-foot tall platform. The video below is the result of countless hours and nearly 200 attempts:

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So who are The Legendary Shots?

"They're just a bunch of 18- to 20-year-olds," Ethan Dennis, a zip line and free-fall instructor at Historic Banning Mills, told 11 Alive in Atlanta, "and they've been doing this since middle school -- going around (to) places, making crazy basketball shots."

Well, that's certainly not a bad way to spend your teen years.

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