The last time Kyrie Irving randomly showed up and played in a pickup game, he was dressed like an old man known as Uncle Drew.

And he still dominated.

So you can only imagine how Irving performed when he wasn't wearing a wig and a fake beard. The star point guard unexpectedly showed up at a gym at Montclair State University this week and took part in a pickup game.

From the video, it doesn't appear that these guys are just your average pickup ballers. They look pretty good. But no matter, as Irving absolutely destroyed his competition. His fadeaway jumpers were practically unstoppable.

And the 21-year-old All-Star made sure to show off some spectacular dunks before heading out. Because why not?

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The clip, which is gaining serious traction on YouTube, is just another reminder of how good these pros are. Of course, you would probably expect a showing like this from Irving, a former No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft.

But even benchwarmers (looking at you, Brian Scalabrine) are above and beyond the top rec leaguers.

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