As if navigating a bike through a crowded metropolitan area wasn't difficult enough, imagine how hard it would be if your bike was 14.5-feet tall.

When Richie Trimble rode his humongous bike through the streets of Los Angeles, he wasn't just avoiding cars and other bikers, he also had other unusual obstacles -- like a kite and a freeway.

Trimble brought out his "Stoopidtall" bike for LA's annual CicLAvia, and safe to say it stood out. Trimble filmed his entire journey, which ended at Venice Beach.

The scariest part for Trimble was when he approached the 405 overpass. Unfortunately the highway was not build with 14.5-foot tall bikes in mind, and the squeeze was a little tighter than Trimble expected.

"I could see the top of the cars going by and I had never seen that before," Trimble told Streetsblog LA, "And everyone is cheering for me to touch the bridge. I reach up and high five the bridge. As I go under, I drag my hand along the top and I'm thinking, 'Wow, I’m probably the only person to have touched this besides the workers that built the overpass.'"

Thankfully, Trimble made it safely to the beach while filming this incredible video.

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And get this -- Trimble did the entire ride without a helmet. Defending himself on Reddit, Trimble said what he was doing was a "spectacle" and that he didn't need protection.

"Do circus performers wear helmets and body protection? It's clear that it's not a day to day activity," Trimble wrote.

Amazingly, Trimble's bike isn't the world's tallest -- that honor goes to this Cuban cyclist.