Just when you thought the Harlem Shake craze was coming to an end, the Miami Heat released a version of the viral sensation, and it has instantly become one of the most most popular videos yet.

The NBA's defending champions put out the video on Thursday afternoon, and within 24 hours it had already racked up 3 million views on YouTube. The clip opens with Chris "Birdman" Anderson doing his signature bird dance while the rest of the team is stretching.

Then the beat drops.

In the video we see LeBron James wearing a crown, a cape and not much else. Dwyane Wade is wearing a humongous mouse head while Mario Chalmers is fittingly decked out in "Super Mario" gear.

But look closely and you'll see that the best character may be forward Shane Battier, who is doing the robot while wearing a horse head and an astronaut costume.

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