Bill Walton gave a whole new meaning to "color" commentary with two bizarre comments during Thursday night's broadcast of a Pac-12 tournament game.

The former UCLA star and NBA Hall of Famer was calling the Washington-Oregon game on ESPN along with play-by-play man Dave Pasch. And it wasn't long before the outspoken Walton made a questionable remark about former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

During a clip showing all the Pac-12 school mascots emerging from a limo in Las Vegas, Pasch jokingly said, "I think Walton is somewhere in the middle of that thing."

To which Walton replied: "I was way in the back along with Ray Lewis."

The Ray Lewis line is a reference to a 2000 murder trial, during which blood stains from a murder victim were found in Lewis' rented limousine.

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Making the joke all the more awkward is the fact that Lewis was just hired at ESPN.

Speaking of lines about ESPN colleagues, Walton also tried to make a joke referencing the Twitter suspension of the popular ESPN writer Bill Simmons. Walton had to go even further out of his way for this one.

After Walton paid a bizarre and out-of-place compliment to Southwest Airlines, Pasch said, "There are some other great airlines you might want to mention so you don't get in trouble."

A few seconds later, Walton responded with this comment: "If we're going to suspend Bill Simmons, anything is possible."

Even for Walton, a guy known for his off-color remarks, these two jokes were flat-out weird.

(H/T to Awful Announcing)