When someone attempts a stunt inspired by Mary Poppins, you know it's going to be good.

Professional extreme athlete Erik Roner wanted to see if it really was possible to pull off one of Mary Poppins' signature moves -- descending to earth with an umbrella. So he hitched his umbrella to an air balloon, and at a certain height he set himself free.

As you'll see, things didn't exactly go according to plan for Roner. The air pressure turned the umbrella inside out, forcing Roner to ditch the umbrella and rely on his parachute. He made it to the ground in one piece, the umbrella wasn't so lucky.

It's unclear whether Mary Poppins packed an extra parachute in case the same thing ever happened to her.

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This got us thinking, what other Disney stunts would we like to see in real life?

--The Peter Pan and Captain Hook sword fighting scene
--The floating house from Up
--The flying carpet from Aladdin
--Anything from Toy Story