The Baltimore Ravens' game against the Denver Broncos on Saturday was a roller coaster of emotion for fans of both teams. Full of spectacular scoring plays, lots of twists and two overtimes, the game was one of the most exciting playoff contests in recent memory.

Perhaps no one better demonstrated the extreme highs and lows of the contest than this Ravens fan.

We don't know his name, but a trio of videos filmed by his wife show him (over)reacting to several key moments in the game.

The first clip is from Ray Rice's game-tying touchdown in the third quarter. Please notice how normal and relaxed he looks at the start of the clip. This is the only time you'll see him in this state.

Now, here he is after Jacoby Jones' game-tying touchdown reception. You can't help but laugh as he, his son and his dog all go crazy. Also, check out his daughter nonchalantly playing with her toys as this guy has a major freakout on the couch.

Finally, here he is after Corey Graham's interception of Peyton Manning. If you're confused by his crying/yelling antics, you're not the only one. His daughter asks his wife whether the interception was "a good or bad thing," and mom is sure to tell her daughter that her father is, in fact, happy.

Also, please note that he drops a PG-13 word at around the :42 mark of the video. Yes, he is sitting next to his young daughter on the couch.

After watching these, how great would it be to have a camera on this guy for the entire Ravens-Patriots game this Sunday? Let's make that happen.

(H/T to Big Lead Sports)