Dirk Nowitzki's career has reached new heights.

Not only has the Dallas Mavericks 7-footer won an NBA title as well as a Finals MVP award, one of his bobblehead dolls has been to outer space.

The Mavericks created a contraption that sent a Dirk bobblehead 18 miles high in under two hours. They attached several cameras to the contraption so people could see what it looks like to blast a bobblehead into outer space.

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What you can't see in that video is the hours of work put in to make that flight possible. If you're interested in seeing how this feat was pulled off, here's some neat behind-the-scenes footage.

The organization didn't do this simply because they wanted to have some fun with a bobblehead. They had the real Nowitzki sign the doll and they are auctioning it off for charity.