Even if you've never played darts, you can appreciate this man's incredible feat.

His name is Michael van Gerwen, and he is a 23-year-old darts player from the Netherlands. During the semifinal of the recent PDC World Championship, van Gerwen threw 17 consecutive perfect darts. To put that in some perspective, nine perfect darts is comparable to a perfect game in baseball. So to do that twice in a row is almost unthinkable.

"You may not see that happen ever, ever again," former world championship semifinalist Wayne Mardle told Jonathan Liew of the Telegraph. "I almost did it once in practice. It’s hard enough to do a nine-darter, but then to do nearly two in a row. And then to do it live. And then to do it in a semifinal. And then to do it in a world championship semifinal? We may never see that again."

Liew writes that the gaming company Ladbrokes would have put 50,000-to-1 odds against 18 consecutive perfect darts. And van Gerwen missed his final throw by a few inches.

Here's the video of van Gerwen's performance, with some pretty cool shots of fans going nuts.

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