If you've got trick-shot fatigue, we understand.

Every week, it seems, a new video is released showing some guys pulling off an unbelievable feat. They're awesome, to be sure, but sometimes it can feel like too much of a good thing.

That said, when the Heisman winner takes part in a trick shot video -- and it's a Dude Perfect production -- we highly recommend you watch.

Johnny Manziel recently joined the guys from Dude Perfect at Kyle Field in College Station to test out his hand at trick shots. And if there was a Heisman Trophy for trick shots, Manziel would probably win that as well. He sinks shots from all over the stadium, including one from the very top of the stands. That must be some sort of record.

Manziel also nails home an extra point, which is maybe the only thing he couldn't do during the regular season.

As usual, the guys from Dude Perfect have some fun with the shots. They even reenacted the Manziel's remarkable touchdown toss against Alabama (3:40 mark of the video)

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The legend continues, indeed.