This weekend's Super Bowl is not just a matchup of the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers; it's a celebration of all things NFL.

So even if your team was down and out for the entire year (looking at you, Jaguars fans) or hasn't been to the Super Bowl in what feels like forever (looking at you, Chiefs fans), there are still reasons to revel in the excitement this weekend.

Take this video from the NOC, for example. These guys reviewed the previous 46 Super Bowls, one by one depicting each team's fan base.

Some of the highlights:

Super Bowl V -- Colts fan: "Johnny U with his only Super Bowl victory!" ... Dallas fan: "But his hair lives on forever in Ivan Drago."
Super Bowl XIV -- Steelers fan: "Fourth Super Bowl win!" ... Rams fan: "One for each of Terry Bradshaw's hairs."
Super Bowl XXXVI -- Raiders fan: "The Bucs won the Super Bowl?" ... Bucs fan: "I know, we were surprised too."

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