Look out, Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin. These British babies are coming for your records.

Nine-month-old twins Ellie and William Trykush may not be able to walk or even crawl yet, but they can swim the length of a 25-meter pool all by themselves. They don't seem perturbed at all when placed in water, rather they appear quite comfortable.

And all the Olympic hoopla from the London Olympics has parents Vic and Charley Trykush thinking ahead.

"Now they can swim," Charley told the Daily Mirror, "and bearing in mind that they were born in an Olympic year, 2012, I would love to see them at the 2028 Olympics possibly, when they’re 16, doing the open water swim. And why not?"

Vic and Charley didn't even realize their infants had a special talent until they took them to swimming classes. There, they were the youngest of the bunch.

"I thought all babies could do it," Charley said.

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Franklin didn't start swimming until she was five, and Phelps was seven when he first took to the pool, so these babies have a considerable head start.

(H/T to Barstool Sports)

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