If William Spencer looks familiar, it's because he's played the lead role in a recent superhero movie. Sort of.

Spencer was a stunt double for The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield. He worked closely with Garfield on the film, teaching Garfield how to ride a skateboard and even performing some stunts on camera.

Called the "Skate Ninja" for his dexterity on his board, Spencer has become famous from a series of YouTube clips that show him performing unbelievable skating stuns. See for yourself.

Spencer's newest video is out, and it is as good as the rest. This time Spencer is essentially a gymnast on wheels as he hops from one skateboard to the next and does backflips onto his skateboard.

Here are all the ankle-breaking, mind-bending highlights:

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This clip was released several days ago and already has nearly half a million views on YouTube.

(H/T to BroBible)

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