In the wake of Jovan Belcher's death, fans, players and the media have struggled to make meaning of the tragedy.

The Kansas City Chiefs organization, at the heart of the news, has been especially troubled. The Chiefs did not honor Belcher publicly on Sunday, but they did set up his locker as if he was going to play against the Carolina Panthers. Some people deemed the display a "tribute," others weren't sure what to call it.

One player's poignant words in his post-game press conference after Sunday's game have been widely circulated. And for good reason. Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn spoke about his personal grief from Belcher's death, and the changing landscape of relationships that has been prompted by technology.

Strong words indeed:

"In my head I was thinking, 'What could I have done different?' When you ask someone how they're doing, do you really mean it? When you answer someone back, ‘How are you doing?’, are you really telling the truth? We live in a society of social networks, and Twitter pages and Facebook. That’s fine and stuff, but we have contact with our work associates, our family, our friends, and it seems like half the time we are more pre-occupied with our phone and other things going on instead of the actual relationships we have in front of us. Hopefully, people can learn from this and try to actually figure out if someone is battling something deeper on the inside, than what they may be revealing on a day-to day basis.”

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